The Up Side

Some people who only know me thru this blog think that I’m mean or overly critical. Cool. This blog is meant to create a tension.

When I have a conversation with someone, I’m not usually giving feedback unless requested.

I’m not mean!

Tension is unfulfilling in itself. It either motivates action or causes depression. My goal with these writings is to motivate contrary thinking and possibly fixing showbiz problems. I want to create a better world for entertainment. I think our field has endless potential and I would love people to be liberated from old thinking that holds us back. This is the difference between education and entertainment.

Great entertainment builds or emphasizes a tension, then relieves it. It gives us a safe sandbox to try out some stress in a ‘fun’ way. Education (marketing is included in this) gets our attention, and promises relief if we act.

When we get them confused it sucks.

I help entertainers advertise themselves. Often, they want the tension relieved at the end of the ad. One way to do this is to say, “You can share, or like, or sign our email list, or buy now, or shout at a tree.” Split up our “calls to action” so people don’t feel pressured to do the next thing.

I work with entertainers to be more entertaining. Some want to make things weird, but never want to get to the point of an obvious laugh. Some want to make stuff sad, but never give the audience the release of a good cry.

It’s simple to understand our mission, but it takes real responsibility to carry it out and face the possibility of failing.

Written for folks who want to attract and energize groups

Scot Nery is an emcee who has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success. He's on an infinite misson to figure out what draws people in and engages them with powerful moments.

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