Made Way

Scot takes a holistic and efficient approach to working with clients...he listens! His unique ability to analyze and diagnose your game plan will motivate you to grow FAST!


You need to come in on-time and on-budget. You need someone who can look at the big picture and guide toward solutions. Scot knows the ins and outs of the entertainment biz and he's ready to creatively share his knowledge with you.


Get that extra personal touch by working one-on-one with Scot. After 1 month of focused work, Scot motivates you to grow your business and your brand in a whole new way. You will be his TOP priority


Scot will bring his 20 years of performance and production experience to help you create an amazing event. Everything from marketing, casting, curation, to act development and more!

Gave me great, clear, easily implementable suggestions for how to improve my brand presence in the world.

Scot Nery, you are as generous as you are funny and both are abundant. I'm binge reading your blog posts which are a treasure trove of information, insights, and inspiration

Scot transformed the way I think about my job, what I offer, and what clients actually need from me

Act Creation

Discover new ways to use your skills on stage or online. Scot knows what audiences love, and he will help you bring that love to life!


Refine your image and message with clear and simple methods. Even if you think you HATE marketing, Scot will show you how easy and joyful it can be.

Web Design

Make your website easy to use and clearly explain your value. Scot has a team of experts to quickly build a beautiful user interface that your clients will love to use.


Use computers to do the grunt work for you. Scot has years of experience designing and implementing simple automations to help run your business so you can focus on doing what you love.

Video Production

Show off your best assets with engaging video content. From short sizzle reels, to custom client demos, Scot can make you look like a star!

Live Event Production

Give your client all the bells and whistles! A big event needs lots of planning and staffing, and the right connections to make your event flow smoothly. Scot can make it happen!


Learn the art of comedy from the perspective of Scots unique brain. A pleasant mix of the absurd and utterly bizarre, Scots comedy style will both surprise and connect audiences in unexpected ways.


Find the right performers to build a world class show. With his years of experience hosting and casting his own #1 rated variety show, Scot can find the right act or performer to make your show a success.


Gather all the right pieces and make them fit together into one seamless experience. A great show isn’t just about the performance, it’s about building a world for your audience that will make them believe in the magic you want to share.


Become the performer that you have always dreamed to be. Stage presence is everything, and Scot has that in spades!


Get it done NOW! Scot believes in making things happen fast so you can get on with the real work of creating your art. Learn new and efficient ways to do all the important tasks involved in creation

Scot Nery is a renowned entertainer, host, and curator . He created and hosts Boobie Trap, TripAdvisor’s #1 show in L.A. He has helped some of the world’s top performers refine their brand, develop their acts, and bring new experiences to audiences.

As a kid, Scot went sled riding with his friends. While the pals rode, Scot found endless joy in building perfect snow ramps. His passion was making the thing that was fun for everyone else.

It still is.