Stop Making Sense

I’m fascinated by how people think. We try to find patterns and apply logic to things even though life is random. We try to define “types of people,” reasons for events, the way things go, or eras so we can ignore them and put our minds to rest. Prejudices, conspiracy theories, imaginary protocols, and “bad years” all help us chill.

When we feel that life is dangerous, any stress that comes up must be relieved. The only way to escape crappy stress is a reminder of safety. Logic and categorization promise safety, but they’re only a patch.

Entertainment is a bridge to safety

Entertainment gives us the opportunity to experience stress in a safe sandbox. That’s why we can be stressed out and want to watch a horror movie. The horror movie isn’t stressless – it’s fun stress.

Entertainment also gives us the opportunity to see life from a new perspective. Maybe the world is less dangerous because we understand people better. Maybe we’re safer because we understand our own power better. Maybe we leave an entertainment environment better equipped to deal with surprises and randomness.

This is the gift we give to audiences. Safety + Stress.

If we give only one without the other, they’re either unaffected or we just piled on to the nonsense they didn’t want. Those who accept that life is a game that doesn’t make sense are the most at peace.

Written for folks who want to attract and energize groups

Scot Nery is an emcee who has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success. He's on an infinite misson to figure out what draws people in and engages them with powerful moments.

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