Gods / Superheros / Mimes

Humanity keeps seeking the same superpowers. This thought came to me when pondering the age-old question “why ventriloquists?” A variety show is like one of those superhero ensemble movies. It’s a playful way to explore what life would be like beyond reality. Here are some powers…

  • Mime : create things out of thin air
  • Trapeze : flight
  • Fire Breather : harness the power of flames
  • Magician : make people nervous
  • Ventriloquist : control others
  • Glass Walker : pain proof
  • Musician : control emotions
  • Clown : escape society
  • Standup : charm powers
  • Contortionist : rubber body
  • Juggler : controller of physics
  • Balloon Twister : make others see thru our eyes

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