We Have To Be The Best

I like peanut butter that’s just peanuts. Maybe a little bit of salt. When I’m at the normal grocery store, I can usually get it. I don’t need organic, but I like simple, so I go for lowest price all peanut butter. That is the best one for me. There are probably 50 varieties of peanut butter at the grocery store near me. Seriously, but the one that’s the lowest price that’s pure is the best in the world for me.

If I were in some peanut butter emergency, and I had to go to the 7 / 11 to get peanut butter I might not buy the same thing and i might pay way more for a worse product. That peanut butter is the best in the world for me. Whatever reason I can’t go to the normal grocery store or whatever reason the convenience store can’t provide a nice spread, doesn’t matter. At that moment for where I am, it’s the best in the world so I buy that one.

Our service needs to be the best in the world or our clients will not buy it. They will buy the best. Maybe we’re the only one they know about, maybe we’re the only one close enough, maybe we’re the only one inexpensive enough, maybe we’re the only one without a criminal record. These are not just hurdles, these are actual qualities that make us the best in the world.

If our promo and our communication make us look awesome, our potential clients might decide it’s not worth the time and headaches to look elsewhere. That’s what happens. If we’re being compared to a lot of others, we need to show up more awesome so that we’re best of that set, hence the best in the world.

Empathizing and understanding our audience’s world helps us understand what we’re good at. Jif is really good at being in a convenience store.

Written for folks who want to attract and energize groups

Scot Nery is an emcee who has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success. He's on an infinite misson to figure out what draws people in and engages them with powerful moments.

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