Oh Contact Forms, How I Dislike Thees

People like putting contact forms on their sites. Some people have no way of contacting them except thru the form. It seems to be a way to get visitors to comply and give us the exact data that we want to we can automate the relationship.

ONE: Users are seeking a relationship, so the more we seek to streamline the relationship and the conversation out of business, the less value we have as service providers.

TWO: Many people have autofill in their browsers now, so if a form is set up correctly (I’d say less than 20% are) the browser will fill in the user’s details for the really repetitive stuff. But there are often additional form fields that take some thinking and typing and I don’t want that as a user.

THREE: Contact forms are another layer of dependability for communication. They are another part that can break. They can break on the backend or the frontend, or there could be user error (eg: I thought I hit the ‘send’ button). Email is already not totally dependable there are spam filters on sending and receiving ends, black lists, weird things and whatnot like email server downtime. These things break in just pure email sending from my gmail inbox to yours. If someone thinks they sent me a message and I don’t get it we’re all screwed.

The solution is just don’t have them. Have an email address visible on a site, have it clickable to open up the user’s mail app or selectable so they can copy and paste. Have a phone number too, if possible. Start a real conversation. Figure out how to make it easy and be responsive. This is the answer.

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