Be a Hype Daddy

As a new father on Father’s Day, I’m seeing how insecure I feel about how I’m showing up. This insecurity is more limiting than any of my other limitations. I see that when my dad was feeling insecure he was mean because he wanted control. He wanted to make good happen and he couldn’t wait. The self-hatred he felt held him back from being the gentle, sweet, compassionate person that he was inside.

This parallels to exactly what I have seen over the past few years in having so many candid conversations with circus and variety entertainers. When we are looking at ourselves and not sure how we’re doing, or afraid of fucking up, we are extremely limited. We put out bad work or no work or work in some weird direction that doesn’t serve anyone.

Proof of our good is out there. My wife is constantly telling me how awesome I’m doing. I have trouble absorbing it. Today, she gave me a Father’s Day card with so much encouragement and just objective truth written in it. I read it three times. I’ll probably read it more before I go to bed. Each time I could absorb it and accept it a little more, but it was hard.

As creators, we often buy the hype and “compare our insides to others’ outsides.” We forget about our own outsides. We forget about how inspiring, successful, genius, whatever others think we are. There is a lot of truth in the views of others.

What’s the hype about me? What does that look like?

I encourage people to go look at what they really look like to others. I get a confidence boost by looking at my online reviews. I get a confidence boost by looking at my resume. It is not bad to have confidence. It will not make me lethargic. It will give me the fuel to give more to the world. It will give me the energy to give more to my son. It will give me the security to offer vulnerability and true heart to the things I do. It will make my world a little less distorted.

Happy Father’s Day. Believe your own hype. Be a strong dad for yourself. Be a hype daddy.

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