The Question to Ask About Promo

We have a big gap from what we see in ourselves to what our business is to what our service of our business is to what the result of the service is to the experience of our end-user/ fan / customer is. It really helps to get an outside eye on our stuff. But that outside opinion is not useful if the opinionator doesn’t know what the heck problem we’re trying to solve. So, when we ask friends questions like…

  • what is my brand?
  • which is a good photo of me?
  • which logo design is best?
  • would you say this is a good slogan?
  • how does my resume look?

These questions are subjective and really don’t get us what we need.

We start by being candid about what we’re trying to be for our people, then we ask the real question of a friend…

Does this communicate my value to the right people?

If my friend knows what’s important in what i do to my people, my friend won’t be a genius marketer all of a sudden, but we can at least flitch our way to better promo.

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