Not an instagator

We feel that we don’t really start important projects on our own. We feel that, we start something and if it’s just up to us, we’ll get off track. This could be a fear that comes up for us in working on our own projects.  This is probably a challenge for 100% of people.  Some ways to work with this are…

  1. Set up a practice. Instead of pushing ourselves to start something, we put ourselves in a regularly scheduled situation where we have only the choice of doing the thing. Eg: “I’m going to write something for my novel from 10am to 11am every day.” We fail at this practice and just keep getting back to it.
  2. Create social pressure. I like to set up a show. tell everyone that it’s happening. then develop the show. 
  3. Lower the stakes.
  4. Increase the desire. If we feel that the result isn’t really worth it, we won’t do it.
  5. Bury the excuses. If we have 4 reasons to do something for every 1 to not do it, we’ll be pretty good.
  6. Appreciate ourselves for taking responsibility. If we pat ourselves on the back when we do something we care about, it makes us want to do that more. We want dopamine. Let’s set our rewards in the places that are most helpful

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