MAKING! 6 Hidden Value

I’m *making* an online fundraising event for a school.  I thought maybe people would gain something by seeing my process for creating, rehearsing, collaborating, and performing the event… So, here I am sharing.

Today was tech rehearsal. We’re dealing with a lot of new technology. New to the world and new to the school. As we jumped around from three different chat platforms (while also using WhatsApp and SMS in the background) it took a lot of patience, but we made excellent progress.

Maybe it’s just the people I’ve been talking to lately, but it seems the Dunning-Kruger Effect is a popular topic. DK is basically, “Less experienced people feel cockier and vice versa.”

I the Dunning-Kruger Effect every day. Then, when I get in a conversation with someone about something important in my wheelhouse, I start to notice all my hidden value.

This happened today as I’m working in rehearsal with showbiz people and school volunteers, I see how capable I am. I see the gap between normal people and stage people. I know what a rehearsal is, I know how to give directions, I know how to respond to direction. It’s a real confidence builder and a reminder that I need to standup for myself and the invisible (to me) things that I bring to the table.

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