Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past Year From Clients

  1. Not everyone is suffering. Some people are thriving.
  2. Same with businesses.
  3. Business can move fast. Panera created a curbside grocery service at all their stores in 14 days
  4. People can move slowly. Everyone’s dealing with psychological, geographical, and organizational issues from a quickly changing world. Schedules get changed a lot and that’s okay.
  5. People are creating entertainment online. A lot of it.
  6. Most stage performers moved to livestreaming shows, creating on-demand content, social media content, teaching, or writing to make money.
  7. Many entertainment pros have been digging in to projects they have put off that are maybe truer to their hearts.
  8. Entertainment screws up when it is approached from “how do we modify what we’ve done?” Instead of “what will the audience experience?”
  9. In the newly, truly global economy every business needs to niche more than ever.
  10. Information is not worth very much.
  11. Conversations are worth a lot.
  12. Most people feel like frauds. They don’t understand how valuable they are.
  13. Most people are trying to offer a small part of themselves.
  14. Most people think they need to convince the world that they’re valuable.
  15. Making someone smile is incredible
  16. Zoom entertainment is a different tempo than stage shows and different from TV
  17. Doing something new means being one of the best in the world instantly.
  18. Changing context takes a lot of energy.
  19. People don’t want to ask for help, but they want to be helpful.
  20. The popular things that can be bought from China will be better every three months.
  21. Mindsets are usually better to practice than skills.
  22. When our main project is feeding our mission, we don’t need side projects.
  23. Turning sales into service is a winning game.
  24. Turning will-power into generosity is a winning game.
  25. Turning “am I good enough?” into “what do people need?” is a winning game.
  26. The biggest gift is taking resposibility

Written By Scot for entertainment pros

Scot Nery has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success.

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