Entertainer Bio Template

Here’s a simple version of an entertainment pro bio. There are so many bad ones out there.

  1. Spend a few minutes absorbing this style.
  2. Spend an hour writing your own bio.
  3. Send this blog and your bio draft to a friend to have them edit it.
  4. If your friend sends it back, you’ll have something decent!

NOTE: People don’t care about your life story.

People care about things that help themselves. Your job is to turn your life story into a message of how you have value to others.

A Fake Bio

Marty Jacobson is a quirky folk musician with Polynesian roots. His tunes are staples of protest rallies in at least 17 countries with chart topping singles around the world. He constantly brings his messages of unity, love and the ludicrous nature of life to audiences through channels such a TED, NPR, Fox News, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Marty has won the Endevor Award for “School Song” as well as several honorary doctorates.

Jacobson did not aim to be a political icon and he still doesn’t claim that moniker. In highschool, he took up accordian because he thought it was the funniest instrument and; soon was fascinated by the tone, volume, and impact he had when playing for friends. Creating enjoyable music became an obsession. Within 14 months, he had recorded his first album “Creek Town” which he distributed and began performing at Minneapolis area high school dances. He would release two more albums before graduating.

As he loved sharing music, he started seeing the impact of the messages in his songs. Entering into Berkeley School of Music on a full scholarship, he started work on what he calls his “First real album.”

The album “Recycled Cotton” featured broken piano, mixing bowls, washboards, and over 53 different “instruments.” It landed and connected him with what he really enjoyed — truely impactful music. The album sold 1 million copies and gave him the motivation to quit school and start touring the world.

As he was embraced by the activist community, he found great joy in releasing his most popular songs about topics such as hugging, affirmations, sharing, and being vulnerable.

Since “Recycled Cotton,” Marty has released 17 albums and 10 hit singles internationally. He is an anomoly in the music world as he has never had an agent, and answers his own phone. He currently lives in Calgary, Canada with his two wives and 45 cats.

The basics

  1. What do you do?
  2. What’s good about you?
  3. What is your brand?
  4. What else is good about you?
  5. How does your story reinforce your brand?


The main thing I want you to have in your bio is a section that can be easily cut and pasted. When someone recommends you or talks about who you are, they need that. That’s the most influencial use of your bio because word of mouth is so important. Also, don’t expect people to read the whole thing. They want to know what you do and why you’re good.

START there – first paragraph. The beginning of the bio shows the most value. If someone copy/pastes the first paragraph of a bio, we want it packed with the value offered. We want awesomeness to be clear.

Your brand is what’s special about you. Marty is weird and has social impact.

I suck

It’s okay to not have a resume like Marty’s. What have you achieved, though? If your mom’s talking about your career, what does she say first? You’ll add on to your resume as time goes on, but for now, put your best face forward. Your face will be ahead of all the people with bad bios!

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