Don’t Work Harder or Smarter in Entertainment

Entertainment pros want to figure out how to crank out more hours in their day, or how to work more efficiently, but this is not what’s holding them back from kicking more tush!

Battle 1: Assume you are on the wrong mission

We have something that drives us, that is at the core of our being. It’s probably a generous pursuit that we care about. This is our unstated mission. As long as it’s unstated, it can be dethroned by whatever is in front of us. This is how we get locked into projects that don’t take off and are ultimately unfulfilling – we think the project is the mission, or when we’re looking for a project, we are too specific about the mission to find a project that clicks. So, before you state your mission, just assume you’re doing it wrong.

Battle 2: Take the time to compose and state your mission

Battle 3: Face being wrong

The highest functioning showbiz people have a high tolerance for being wrong. Their ego is more tied to the mission ahead of them than to justifying the decisions behind them.

This is the key to all of the efficiency and productivity we want to tap into. If I set up a way to work every day for my mission, I will face all of the mistakes I’ve made. My comfort-seeking mind will want to revert.

Escalation of commitment is a human behavior pattern in which an individual or group facing increasingly negative outcomes from a decision, action, or investment nevertheless continues the behavior instead of altering course. The actor maintains behaviors that are irrational, but align with previous decisions and actions.
from wikipedia

We can’t do this 24/365 because it’s exhausting. We need something to drag us through it

Make a sandbox

Facing being wrong for a period of time ( like a month ) were we work to reprogram ourselves and find more helpful habits is revolutionary. Sandboxing ourselves in using a time duration and a key performance indicator like income will remove some of the cognitive burden during this time. Then, we need tension (probably accountability) to keep us working thru all the shittiness of the experience.

Don’t work harder.

Don’t work smarter.

Work less wrong.

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