Cold And Short

When sending out a cold email to someone, we often want a total solution. It would be great to have one complete message that sums everything up and gets the recipient to send us some money and become a fan for life.

We can’t avoid trust

We need people to trust us / our service. We can’t get around it. Trust is often hard-earned.

If we’re trying to get a big commitment from our emailee (money, audience, activity) we need big trust. Likely, we’re not going to get that from a single email. Sorry. We will get it from a long conversation, multiple interactions, and a positive exposure.

Start small and active

Don’t start out with a big long email that tries to tell a whole story. It doesn’t work. You don’t want to receive that from a stranger. You’re not gonna read that crap. Why would anyone? Also, trying to compose that perfect email is a lot of time.


So, give a gift (don’t offer a gift) to the recipient. “I noticed some lint on your shirt in your linked in profile pic. I retouched the picture for you and brightened it up.”

Get interaction

The most effective call to action is “reply and tell me…” We don’t want more than one call to action in an email. “Go look at my website and social media” is a big ask. Don’t even add links to the email.

We want to make it easy as possible for the next interaction. The next interaction is a commitment to more.

The trouble is it’s more work

When we do this, we’re asking our cold emailee to do work, and we have to be willing to do more work than them upfront. Unfortunately, we can’t send out one email and be done if we want to get real results. We have to spend time. We have to deal with people who aren’t actual leads. We have to build lots of relationships, and we have to keep showing up consistently.

Once we build trust with people and get into actual conversations, the sky’s the limit, but it starts with simplicity. Quick, positive, and engaging.

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