Undercutting Prices

I believe if a company can offer a service at a lower price than a competitor, it is in the customer’s best interest that they do.

If you can prove that you offer something better for your client than a part-time pro then you will get the gig. If not, wouldn’t you want that customer to have the service they need at the lowest price possible?

 I love connecting people who don’t need what I offer to performers who can satisfy them for a low price.

Our challenge is not defeating other performers or making them all do business the same way. Our challenge is elevating what we do, offering more, and communicating that offering to potential clients.

I see performers posting things about how other performers need to match their rates. This blog post is in response to that.

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Scot Nery is an emcee who has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success. He's on an infinite misson to figure out what draws people in and engages them with powerful moments.

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