MAKING! 12 Faith in People

I *made* an online fundraising event for a school.  I thought maybe people would gain something by seeing my process for creating, rehearsing, collaborating, and performing the event… So, here I am sharing.

The credits roll. The credits in movies were weird to me for a long time and they still kinda are.

  • They’re long
  • Most people don’t read them
  • They’re not in a great order (not that I know a better order for them)
  • They thank everyone kinda the same amount
  • Didn’t everyone get paid for the work they did in the movie?

I am grateful

Yesterday, I put together a list of 20 people who helped me make the fundraiser happen. It was cool to see them in a list all together and think about all the things they contributed. I love being around driven creators, so it was fun to think about the things they innovated that I would have never done. I sent them messages thanking them and it was really fun.

Sometimes I can get really into what’s next – excited about ambition. I can get really distracted by that. I can feel independent and powerful in my fantasy of the future. When I put the brakes on, it’s hard at first… but then it lowers my heart-rate, reminds me of the beauty of others, and reminds me that I share in some of that beauty too.

If you haven’t read it yet, I wrote about the trust involved in hiring a creative and I think it’s pretty great wisdom from my past. Working with killer talent is super fun.

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