MAKING! 11 More Than Enough

I’m *making* an online fundraising event for a school.  I thought maybe people would gain something by seeing my process for creating, rehearsing, collaborating, and performing the event… So, here I am sharing.

I love Parkinson’s Law. It resets me a lot. Sometimes I get lost in action. I forget that I have the power to define what ‘done’ looks like.

Banging my head against a wall

There is this one computer generated video thing that I’ve been trying to create for a long time. It’s a sequin shimmer wall.

light blue sequin balloon wall display by shimmerwalls Shimmer Sequin Wall Panel - Wall Décor - Wedding/Event/Theme  Party Decorations - Tile Photography Backdrop - Pack of 24, Silver: Home &  Kitchen

The sequins dangle on nails and move with the wind. I love the way it looks and I’ve tried a bunch of times to make it look right completely from scratch inside a computer. I really wanted this effect for my green screen background in this online event, but alas… I have not conquered it.

The graphics guy I’m working with is super awesome and I thought maybe he could do it. I gave him notes, he made some tweaks, it didn’t come out right. I took it and tried a few things. It wasn’t working. I thought, “How long is this going to take? How much is this going to push everything else back? When will it be done?

When will it be done?

It will be done when I say it’s done. That means I can stop it now. If I want it done now, I can accept its imperfections, or I can find footage that is better and be done. I will find footage.

Sometimes this kind of pursuit gets so blinding that I forget the client never asked for a sequin wall. I never promised a sequin wall. I’m the only one (besides the graphics guy) that knows what I’m hoping for.


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