Make The Ones That Want To Know Know

We might be afraid of self promotion and getting salesy. We might be afraid that everyone will distrust us because we talk about what we make… but forget going big. Do we even go little? Have our people heard from us? Do they know our current thing? Do they know how to get our stuff?

Only one big corporate email list

I unsubscribe from lots of email newsletters. Maybe 6 a week. I like getting some, but I’m very picky about my inbox because I try to get it empty by the end of the day. I am subscribed to Apple’s email list. It is complete advertising for their products. I like the way they communicate. I like to know what they’re doing next. So, I stay on the list. They keep sending me things. They don’t need to push anything on me because I already buy the things I want from them. They just need to let me know what’s available.

So many are so silent

So many creators I know are not talking about the thing they love. There’s nothing on their social media that conveys that they have a project now, that they’re available now for hire, that they have something important coming soon. They are obviously purposefully avoiding telling people about that thing that they spend all day and night thinking about.

The people that follow and friend us probably want to know what we’re doing with our lives. They probably want to be advocates, encouragers, and evangelists for what we do because that’s easy and rewarding. They are on board with our mission and they are ready to receive something great.

We’re not repeating. We’re continuing.

Letting people know the next step or the next part of our work is awesome. We don’t need to say over and over “buy my book,” but we can say what the book means to us, exciting news about the book, what it feels like to write a book, that we would love it if someone bought another copy of the stinking book, though.

For Now, Just Say it

Just let people know now. Later, we can work on getting over our fears of big promotion.

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