A Pigeonhole Is a Door

We create a vast lavish room of luxury for our audiences. We make wonderful safe place to explore the entertainment we create. This room has it all. It’s great. So much of ourselves.

The issue with getting people into the room is the door. The door is small. Someone feels safe stepping through a door into our our room because it’s a small step. It’s a light commitment. If we try to just get them in the room and skip the door, they’re not going to enjoy being pushed through the wall. If we try to make the whole room the door, the room’s going to suffer.

So, we have to make the door something easy. We don’t have to show our audiences everything in our room. We don’t have to express the entire place. We need to give them something small and appetizing.

A door with a fresh coat of paint and a welcome mat and a functioning door nob seems lame for the wonder we know is beyond. It’s very hard to be so elegant. It might seem like we won’t get the validation we want, or we might loose the interest of the people we want. The opposite is true. If we make a good door, we are performing a generous act. By pigeonholing ourselves, we are giving people an easy portal to the fruits of all our genius and effort.

The door and room are metaphors. I hope you got that.

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