You Had One Job

There are these memes that say “You had one job” Here are some examples…

They’re funny… but they make me cringe a little because I see so many freelancers who say this to themselves.

The people referred to in the memes probably didn’t have 1 job to do. They probably work all their lives and try to keep up.

We tend to tell ourselves our job is easy and we’re failing.

We tend to try to shame ourselves into working harder.

We tend to dismiss the massiveness of our undertakings.

Life is complicated. Work has many moving parts. We are trying to do more than we can. We have high hopes for our missions.

We can try to alleviate some of this “one job” syndrome…

  1. Accept that we are doing a lot of work that we don’t notice / remember
  2. Forgive ourselves for mistakes
  3. Try to cut work out of our days that doesn’t help us
  4. Appreciate the work that we do
  5. Streamline the work that we do
  6. Remember that we have more than one job to do
  7. Remind ourselves that we want challenges

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