They Need Us

Over the past 500 days I’ve been able to connect with a lot of entertainment people. I don’t know anyone who’s making more than they deserve. I don’t know anyone who’s getting more attention than they deserve. That means we’re over-delivering. We can feel good about that!

When we question whether we’re good enough, whether we’re actually helping, or whether we have anything to offer we can shut up and stop questioning. Start committing. Start giving. Start letting people know that we’re here and ready to do our thing. We have a lot to give. Every moment we’re holding back we’re doing a disservice to those that need us:

  • A person feeling less than
  • Someone who needs a laugh
  • Someone who just got bad news
  • Someone who forgot how loved they are
  • A nervous boy
  • A longing girl
  • A numb man

They’re all out there and ready. We’re not enough for everyone, but there are probably at least a million people we are good for. We have something that’s missing from their lives right now. Let’s give it.

Written By Scot for entertainment pros

Scot Nery has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success.

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