The Suckiest Entertainment

Some people think entertainment is about being “good.” Build it and they will come. It’s kinda true, but kinda not. There is no universal good. Even people who are taste-makers and thought-leaders don’t know what will be good. Even Quibi, with its $1.75 billion couldn’t guess what would be good. Even I didn’t predict good…ME!

What’s good is what sucks — the stuff that pulls in the audience. The wind doesn’t blow, it works like a drinking straw. A low pressure area attracts movement. When entertainment sucks, it creates an opening that is just right for people.

This is our job

Our job is to suck people in – to make a thing that serves certain people in such a big way that it doesn’t take a fancy sales pitch.

The concept that we need to blow and blow to get everyone to know and like what we’re doing is not sustainable. We make something that really works for people and it will really work for us.

Written By Scot for entertainment pros

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