The Most Effective Email Newsletter We Sent

Most people probably don’t want to duplicate this, but for Scot Nery’s Boobietrap, I was always trying to make the emails resonate and make them personal. I wanted folks to take action. Ticket sales were dragging because it was like the Superbowl or something, so I pulled out the (little) big guns. I wrote…

{first name}!
do you think you’ll make it to Boobie Trap tomorrow?

In the next 24 hours, I had to reply to about 400 emails to clarify and communicate and we sold out.

  • People thought I was mad at them.
  • People thought they might be booked to perform.
  • People apologized for not being available.
  • Conversations started.
  • People told me they couldn’t afford it (which is helpful info to receive).

Conversations are good. Action is good. Personalization is good. Putting in the labor is good.

Sometimes we want to make the email that is perfect for everyone, that protects us by having all the information. We want to create a message to our customers that really sells our thing. We want something that scales – it’s perfect and it does all the work. Sometimes, we gotta get in there and get our elbow pits dirty with the work of actually talking to actual people. Sometimes we need to get that started.

Entertainment is going to get more personal, more one-on-one, and more customized in the future. We can’t fake it.

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