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questions: venue size and selling out

THANKS!!! So I’m producing a dazzling and beautiful multi-disciplinary short show at The Broadwater in Hollywood (4-19 and 4-20 in the evening exact time tbd) as well as a family friendly matinee 4-21 at 2pm and 2:45 pm (location tbd probably Pan Pacific Park).

It is a 99 seat theatre the mainstage. Folks are saying I should book a smaller space. I like the bigger venue with high ceilings. WHat are your thoughts. and either way how do I get a full sold out show?


answers: small and motivating

Big questions! 

I find smaller venues are more flexible in rental deals and expectations. When we get above 50 seats, there’s a pressure to sell tickets really well and exhibit certain professionalism. A small venue gives us a chance to experiment with any aspect of the production that we wish. 

Selling out the show is a matter of people understanding the value of the show is more than the price, believing that it will happen, and being ready / available to attend. Find / create  those people and you’ll sell out. It took me years of doing weekly shows before my seats were consistently full. A lot of experimenting with content, ticket selling strategy, organization, etc.


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