Nine Eleven / Two Thousand One

Daniel Packard, Chris Karney, and I were performing at comedy clubs in Seattle. We stayed together in a youth hostel. News spread through the hostel. People woke us up and we saw the second plane hit. So surreal. I don’t remember being extra displaced by visiting a strange city.

I do remember them shutting down the Space Needle in Seattle because they thought it would be another target. You know what wasn’t shut down? The Showboat Comedy Club. The owner said he wouldn’t pay us if we didn’t do the show.

There was one patron at the club… A white-haired veteran at the bar… In the other room. We could see him and his disapproval through a doorway.

Show business is weird. We did the whole show. We laughed and clapped for each other. We did our jobs. So grateful to have friends. So grateful to have something to do on that day of so much discombobulation.

I am going to put myself out there and say I don’t like terrorism. I feel like a lot of my life, I’ve felt a lot of instability, fear, danger, and confusion. Tomorrow, probably another 2000 Americans will die from Coronavirus. It’s a different nastiness and I booked a show for a small outdoor party. It makes me more grateful for my loved ones and my life-long relationship with entertainment. So consistently goofy and so consistently buoying.

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