MAKING! 8 Pressure

I’m *making* an online fundraising event for a school.  I thought maybe people would gain something by seeing my process for creating, rehearsing, collaborating, and performing the event… So, here I am sharing.

I’ve done it! That makes it hard. When beginning in entertainment, I had all the pressure behind me. The enthusiasm, the desire to see my visions come to life, the mystery. Now, I’ve done it. I have found success. Now the pressure is in front of me.

I feel pressure to stop

I have experience, I have resources, I have knowledge, I have network, I have jokes, I have money. It seems like things would be easier, and they are in many ways. The motivation pressure is often reversed, though. I have already done a great online performance, I’ve already impressed everyone I wanted to impress. I’ve already gotten validation from my parents. Now, I have the chance (in my mind) to lose all that by making something bad. It’s like getting in a fistfight with a toddler. There’s no winning.

How I overcome this resistance…

  1. Remember generosity
  2. Find motivation in my mission, not in outside validation
  3. Remember than I’ve never done perfectly – there’s always better
  4. Try to raise the bar for everyone else
  5. Just show up and do the work asked of me

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