Gratitude on Thanksgiving

I’m not really into celebrating history, so let’s just start where we are now and treat Thanksgiving as a meaningless holiday for the purpose of mega-gratitude! This is a holiday for everyone in the world. Let’s be grateful.

People have told me that you can’t be grateful and fearful at the same time. Let’s apply this to crowds of people. Let’s embolden groups to take action using gratitude.

1. remind folks of goodness

My first thinking of how to communicate something to people is always just say it bluntly. We can say things like…

  • “We lucked out with a beautiful day today!”
  • “Can you believe who you’re here with!?”
  • “Look at what we accomplished in the past year!”

2. get them to remind themselves

Hearing questions engages our brains more than hearing statements. We feel compelled to solve a problem and think more deeply about the topic.

  • “Are you good at your job?”
  • “What’s your home like compared to this picture of a shack?”
  • “Are you dying in a hospital? Raise your hand if you are.”

3. get them to imagine and reframe

When I walk around in Hollywood, it really helps me to get grounded. I see people from all walks of life. It reminds me of who I am and what my life is. I have chosen this life and I love it. When we tell a story, it can help our people walk in other shoes and imagine. It can help them be more grateful.

Written for folks who want to attract and energize groups

Scot Nery is an emcee who has helped some of the biggest companies in the world achieve entertainment success. He's on an infinite misson to figure out what draws people in and engages them with powerful moments.

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