Generosity + Security

Seth Godin recently put out a podcast about protecting ideas which funnily sounds like it was written by me. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to protect my ideas.

  • I have faith that the things I create are not easy to implement
  • I like making new things because they need to be made
  • I know I don’t want to spend time fighting someone who steals my ideas
  • I know I have more ideas

Generosity comes from a feeling of security, but also security comes from generosity.

There are people in entertainment who spend a lot of time trying to protect themselves by putting up walls, by scraping every last cent out of people around them, by being savvy, by being litigious… There are other people in entertainment that just keep making and giving.

Recently, my wife started a meal train for one of these generous people. It blew up. Everyone jumped in without question and contributed because they knew who she was and that she deserved it.

I can not guarantee that having a potluck for neighbors every week is better for home security than getting a tall fence, but I know that it will help, and will allow us to live with more sunshine.

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