Entertainment Responsibility = Generosity

When we say “I’ll do this thing,” then we do that thing to top level, we are doing a generous act. We are being leaders. We are telling our audience “You relax, I’m serving you everything you need in this realm.”

It’s not easy to say “I will be a standup comedian.”(promising lots of laughs) or, “I will make a video game.” (promising electronic fun) or, “I will write a novel.”(promising a literary story that is compelling)

Since entertainment is objective (we must entertain to be in entertainment) These are commitments to an outcome.

Sometimes we are tempted to avoid responsibility by “being creative” or “breaking the rules” or being “alternative.” When we do this, it is selfish. If I tell people I’m a juggler, but I don’t want to juggle, it is a cop-out and it puts the burden of work on the people. They have gotta figure out what I’m doing. If I want to create some new label for myself to skirt the issue, I can do that too, but then my audience might not find me.

All the great entertainment people who we admire promised something and followed thru on it over and over. They took that responsibility and gave us the wonder.

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