Count Your Thank Yous

Another trick for filling up our gas tanks when we’re feeling slow to make stuff… Look at the good things we’ve done for others. Our mission is generous. Our motivation is to give something.

If someone does something for us, often all we have to do is thank them and let them know how much it helped — especially with a followup. So much of life is journeys with no end, that when we see the results of something we do, it can be super exciting.

We can look thru

  • ‘thank you’ notes
  • evidence of past projects
  • yelp reviews of ourselves
  • photos of work / moments
  • emails of happy clients
  • whatever

Stuff that reminds us that we have done good work. It doesn’t even hafta be repeatable work or related to what we’ll do next. The idea is to brighten us up, reconnect us with the unburdened feeling of forward momentum.

There’s a part of me that feels like looking at the good things people have said about me is feeding my ego, but really it’s not. It’s a chance to feed the fire that keeps me giving more. It’s a connection, rather than an isolation. Let’s do it!

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