Client Logos

Displaying past clients on a site can help to quickly visually establish credibility. It’s my fave way to show value. It’s visual, instant, and recognizable. Don’t use company logos without permission. Using client logos is only useful when it applies to building the value of the service. Eg: it might not be helpful if I’m selling tickets to a show to have the list of clients I’ve done group sales for.

Style 1: Mosaic

Logos are fit together as they best nest. They can be all different shapes. Fit them together so they look good and either have the same prominence or set the visual hierarchy based on what you want the viewer to see first. Mosaic can have a lot of energy and casualness to it.

Style 2: Grid

Try to get logos the same shape and try to balance out the weight among them so there’s nice symmetry. Grids have some rigidity and help to establish a feeling of dependability.

Style 3: Carousel

A side scrolling animated single or double row of logos makes it feel like an endless list of past clients. It saves vertical space. It has a certain aloofness to it. “We don’t need you to see all the clients. There are plenty of them.”

Organize the resumé

I recommend putting past clients in a spreadsheet. Then, once we have a good list, categorize and rate them. We can keep this list and come back to it, fill it in and sort it by category or rating when we need to put together client logos on a website or a brochure or whatever.

Better Thingscoaching5
Brooklyn 99coaching5
HBO Comedy Festival – Vegasfestivals5
Bank of Americacorporate5
Paramount Studioscorporate5
Comedy Storevenues4
Improv Hollywoodvenues4
New Belgium Brewingcorporate4
L.A. County Fairfestivals3
Brooks & Dunn- 2 U.S. Amphitheater tours Coachella & Lollapaloozafestivals3
Lighting in a Bottlefestivals3
World Buskers Festivalfestivals3

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