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  • Alayha Aquarian

    Job: Clown/Event Producer/Entrepreneur
    Gave me great, clear easily implementable suggestions for how to improve my brand presence in the world. In our first chat about biz Scot asked me straightforward questions about my why and what was the purpose of what I am creating. I gained so much clarity from our conversation! It felt as if I met myself and my new business endeavors anew. Developing this clearer understanding of how to express the intention of my brand created new pathways for me to move forward. I am here for Playful Self Discovery! Also, the laser focus that was given to my questions and concerns gave me the sense that Scot really cared about helping me. Getting advice and direction from such an incredible creative mind with the confidence that comes from successful career practices is such gift!!!

  • Guy Totaro

    Job: Variety Artist / Creative Consultant
    Scot Nery, you are as generous as you are funny and both are abundant. I'm binge reading your blog posts which are a treasure trove of information, insights, and inspiration. I hope to someday work with you one on one in the near future. Bobby would be so proud of you!

  • Cedar, C.Trendo

    Job: Variety Artist
    It's been a singular pleasure to see Scot Nery working on stage as well as in writing and coaching. During 2020 I benefited from his articles and online challenges. I find Scot's body of experience especially useful as many of us have reached a marketing / booking plateau or are significantly retooling our art/business approach for Pandemic Times; For example, he's experienced in many practical marketing concepts, which I find quite helpful to either scenario. Thanks, Scot. I look forward to further opportunities to benefit from your services.

  • Jon Steinmeier

    Job: Musician/Entertainer
    Just this year, Scot helped Fire Leopard create our weekly FB live show, advised me on how to focus my business endevors, and hired me to make music for a couple of projects. We've worked together for many years, and Scot is a wicked smart entertainer and good friend. Love, Steiny

  • Hailey Jones

    Job: Character Performer
    Scot has offered me a lot of incite into how I can a. Value my sElf more and b. Discuss that value with potential clients. He guidance has helped refine how I communicate my comedy character offerings. I see many things more clearly thanks to Scots light!

  • Meranda Carter

    Job: Co-producer of Boobietrap
    Scot thinks about entertainment probably almost every second of the day. Learning how to look at an act on stage from a new perspective gives me valuable insight into the difference between performance and entertainment. Scot is genius at building shows and acts and has a vision that is rare to come by.

  • Lou Serrano

    Job: Audience Engagement Specialist
    Aside from inspiring me to be a better entertainer, Scot has helped tremendously by sharing his marketing knowledge. I learn from listening to him help others, and on a personal level he directly helped with improving the look of my virtual show.

  • Michael Rayner

    Job: CEO of Yelling at Audience
    All the Essays Scot has written are a blueprint for success. Not a weird Tony Robins success but real success. They're FREE! More practical than a theater class with an academic. Kudos! His 5 day challenge is a must to reevaluate and rethink what you think your brand might be or not be. Well done also on Arlo photos that give me hope for a future that seems futile. It's happening- the future is here and its going to be awesome.

  • Gina Sandy

    Job: Performer
    Scot Nery not only provided me with a platform to perform on, but also stairs, so that I may get on the platform.

  • Robert Buscemi

    Job: Actor / Stand-Up Comic
    Through this year, you put me on stage at one of the shows that has better suited my sensibilities as a performer than almost any I've ever done. Boobie Trap was such a fun community, and you went out of your way to convey how much you appreciated both my talents on stage and my contribution to the atmosphere of the show every week. I've said it before and will say it again: Boobie Trap was a close-up study in how to pack a show and keep it both well-produced and clear-eyed in its vision, but also libertine and off-the-wall. And also PACKED with audiences. Reminded me why I love stage performing. And you on stage are SUCH a unique flavor, and you don't back down from the strange moments, which is in my opinion where you shine most. That's it. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the end of all this.

  • Bri

    Job: entertainer
    I can't even begin to tell you the value Scot brings to the world. From his unique Boobie Trap experience, to blog articles that make me challenge my own thinking, Scot has always been a curator of weird, unconventional, and smart concepts. I hope you continue to share your ideas with us!

  • Kayden Ressel

    Job: Escape Room Owner
    Watching Scot pivot into helping others during this difficult time has been extremely inspiring. He has amazing drive to not only share his talent for entertaining with the world, but also to use it to boost others. I personally have newfound motivation from reading his blogs posts and watching his videos. He spent some time speaking with me a few months back, and gave me some wonderful ideas on how to pivot with the pandemic having forced my escape rooms to be closed. The guy's a legend :D Also, I've said pivot three times now in this message, but it feels right and reminds me of Ross trying to get the couch up the stairs. Thanks

  • Michael Rayner

    Job: Comedy person
    You create essays that point toward what performers need to do when they create

  • Terry Sandin

    Job: Animatronic Designer
    Your creativity has become my therapy in a world that needs more laughter. You make that possible.

  • Michele Dinoia


  • Juan Araujo

    Job: Magician
    Gave me great advices about how to talk to potential clients so I can show them the value of the service I can provide.

  • Billy The Mime

    Job: Mime and Artist
    Propped me up, tickled my funny bone and encouraged me to forge on in the wild waves on entertainment.

  • Chad Damiani

    Job: Clown
    In the before times, I think boobie trap was one of very few spaces in Los Angeles where I felt valued as a variety performer. I respect that hes continued to try and help performers during the lockdown, and have them think about the future and how to monetize their unique skills. Its one thing to be a big thinker, but to also try and get others to think just as big I think thats a pretty special quality and fairly rare in the entertainment industry.

  • Steven Yablok

    Job: Theater rental
    Encouraged me to create a budget for the new downsizing of my live performance space while integrating studio recording and broadcasting site

  • Brad Barton, Reality Thief

    Job: Professinal Magician/Mentalist
    Scot, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about my show. I immediatley implemented the advice you gave on how to improve the act itself, as well as the many ways to better promote and market my public performances. You are a gift to thisindustry and I look forward to speaking with you more as well as your own continued success!

  • Miz Mandy

    Job: Recording Artist / Songwriter
    Always unique and entertaining posts!

  • Sofia Gonzalez

    Job: Job opportunities
    Scot you always have all of our backspace if you know of a job that is right for us. Thank you for looking out for me!

  • Christoph Brown

    Job: Professional ETCH A SKETCH ARTIST
    You provided work during Covid and supported my transition from live events into Virtual Events. Thank you.

  • Lizzy Cooperman

    Job: Comedian

  • Brian Glow

    Job: International Illusionist
    Scot you are always an inspiration. Just reading your posts gets me off my butt to keep trying for excellence. In these times we have a choice to stay or grow, I choose to grow, but sometimes it's great to be reminded of it. Thanks.

  • Godfrey Daniels

    Job: Clowning around
    You have worked hard introducing the world to many unusual acts that maybe would never be seen by the general public without your weekly variety show, Boobie Trap. Including me in these shows is very encouraging and reassuring and gives me a reason to try knew things. You have introduced me to a great performance arts scene in Los Angels that you had a big part in creating. Thank you Scot.

  • Michael Patrick Duggan

    Job: Web Designer
    Advice and assistance - I was working on a web design job and frustrated by a code problem. Off-handedly, I mentioned my frustration in a vague way on Facebook. Scot wrote to me immediately and offered several suggestions--the very first one worked, and I was done. I barely knew the guy. We had done some performing on the same show, months before, but he spoke in the tone of a person one knew regularly. Since then, I have seen him do this effortlessly with other people: listen to them, talk to them, help them... it is an admirable quality, and one we should all try to emulate. Thank you, Scot--and let me know if I can ever return this favor.

  • Danny Hughes

    Job: Voice Over
    You gave me an honest assessment of where I was and listened to my story as I took to freelancing full time. Not a lot of people have asked about it since I quit my day job, and it meant a lot that you took the time (and went over our scheduled time!) to listen to me and give some honest, encouraging feedback. Thanks!

  • Eric Schwartz

    Job: Creating stuff
    When touring stopped, you helped me restructure my business to find new outlets for my creations. You've been an incredibly supportive and generous ally and I am very lucky to have you on my side.

  • Dennis McNeil

    Job: Boobietrap
    You lift my day often! You are a joy to work with, incredibly creative, very funny, and the upmost of professional. I think thats whI think thats what you told me the right isnt it? Just kidding! Seriously you are the best!

  • Captain Frodo Santini

    Job: Showman
    You helped me by writing your blog. I was reading it religiously and found it inspiring and challenging. I have a tendency to get lost in thought and ever expanding ideas. You helped earth me, to keep my feet firmly on the ground. You are great at honing in on strengths and focus any performers attention. Thank you.

  • Barbara Laird

    Job: Teacher
    Positive role model for my students to show them that you can have fun at your job. The entertainment profession is creative and uplifting and may also spread positivity in a hustle and bustle world.

  • Jack Kalvan

    Job: Entertainer
    Ive enjoyed reading your articles. And I am inspired, seeing you produce so much content that I cant keep up. Happy holidays. Keep on keeping on.

  • Laura

    Job: Circus Performer
    You gave me several in person and online pep talks!

  • Pam Severns

    Job: Puppeteer
    You are incredibly generous with your community. It's inspiring!

  • Jena Carpenter

    Job: Entertainer
    Made me smile, laugh, and feel inspired

  • Liam Connor

    Job: Good Question
    Gave me a fantastic opportunity to work with great people

  • Liam Connor

    Job: Good question
    Gave me an amazing opportunity to work with fantastic people and help others

  • Karl Herlinger

    Job: Ventriloquist and Actor
    You have been an incredibly supportive supporter and genius point person. Encyclopedia of positivity.

  • Chris Michael

    Job: Magician
    Coaching and ideas to get motivated in the virtual age.

  • Jeff Abbit

    Job: Comic Entertainer
    Every time I read something from Scot, it reminds me why I'm average.

  • Allen Gittelson

    Job: Mentalist
    You gave me more insight about how to identify what I offer and how to make that more clear. Of course, you also infected me with more enthusiasm, as usual.

  • Mario Marchese

    Job: Mario the Maker
    Your words have inspired me multiple times! you have a unique way of pushing the best out of performers.

  • Scott Blugrind

    Job: Teacher/entertainer
    You are a friend, and a great person to bounce ideas off of. I appreciate your experience and perspectives!

  • Karen Quest

    Job: Job Seeker
    You lifted me up! You inspired a lot of people with your expertise and encouragement.

  • Brandon Johnson

    Job: Pagliacci
    Scot has always been entertaining, but honestly it is the drive and passion for performance that makes him unique. They are many performers that can show up and put on a wonderful show, but becoming a producer of a hit show is the next level up. He gives us a great place to play-a wonderful world to use our talents in. His ability to perform is amazing but the idea that he allows us all to show up and show out is incredible.

  • Erin Leigh Crites

    Job: Crafter of Creative Spaces
    Scot took the time to chat with me for about 30 minutes last month after I reached out in a bit of a panic. In that 30 minutes he gave me three different ways of re-framing my perspective for a big ticket negotiation I was handling for myself, FOR THE FIRST TIME. When I got to the call, when that pivotal moment to name my rate arrived, I heard Scot's voice in my head. "Be more expensive than the pshhhkt tax." Essentially, I was reminded (with a giggle) that big companies are potentially spending more on soda than on my gifts, unless I determine my value to be more than a corkage fee. His blogs are concise and have rippling impact and are always about the value of arts and entertainment. Thanks Scot.

  • Chloe Somers

    Job: Performer
    Scot not only inspired me with his creativity, openness, and style, but he so educates the public as well as other performers about entertainment and and the industry as a whole. I am so grateful to have worked with him in this last year, and can't wait to do it again soon.

  • Richard Johnson

    Job: Photographer/Clown
    You and the people you have introduced me to has helped boost my confidence and made me better at what I do in both of my jobs, and to some extent my day job as well. Your advice has always been invaluable.

  • Hannibal

    Job: Cardmonkey
    Your infectious humor and unbrpidled wit have kept me out of the dark ditches. You have inspired me to keep creating

  • Sara KM Kunz

    Job: NPO Founder , Performing Artist
    Helped me clarify branding goals for my one woman show as well as non-profit organization, business strategy, and was generally a kind and helpful human

  • Jill Schmidt

    Job: Clown
    Helped me come up with a more interesting description of my services, which I put on my new business cards.

  • jeffrey damnit

    Job: well...jeffrey damnit
    your positive outlook and advice has given me more drive to push to be where i want to be. Happy Birthday Brother!!!

  • Jessica Harrison

    Job: Producer
    A boundless smile and positive outlook that shines on all lucky enough to stand in its orbit. Being the best partner to the best gal.

  • Perry Rivera

    Job: Technology and entertainer
    Provide motivation and encouragement

  • Colin Campbell

    Job: Entertainer
    By being an exemplary role model with all the nuances and idiosyncrasies of live entertainment. Just by observation of your performances and just you being you, I learned an ineffable amount and cannot thank you enough.

  • Trigg Watson

    Job: Magician
    Scot has positively impacted multiple areas of my creative pursuits. I've benefited from his eye for visual aesthetics (whether it's critiquing a website or improving a show set design). I've benefited from his trained brain for joke writing and email marketing. I've also benefited from his heart. Scot loves helping people, and genuinely cares about making my performances more meaningful and valuable to the world.

  • Shana Sharp

    Job: Livestream Entertainer/Artist
    The impact was immediate. Scot helped me not only to book my first virtual corporate event... but as a direct result of his coaching, I was able to tailor my product to give the most value to my client. My quote was 10x higher than I had charged the client for past years, and was met with enthusiasm and gratitude. His philosophy opened my eyes, and his relentless strategizing has me on an exhilirating path. Thank you, Scot Nery.

  • Richard M. Johnson

    Job: Photographer/Clown
    Gave me a venue to keep my creative impulses alive and gave me incouragement and comeraderie that I will always remember! Except if I somehow get a brain injury... Then I might be not...

  • Jennifer Jonassen

    Job: Intrepid Dance Project (Artistic Dir.)
    Scot was able to clearly articulate what works in our numbers and gave me a blueprint to have a successful performance formula particularly for Boobie Trap. His blogs and our conversations over the years have helped me with the business side as well ex: mailing lists and marketing.

  • Dave Brenn

    Job: Balloon Artist
    Scot transformed the way I think about my job, what I offer, and what clients actually need from me. I went from thinking about how to get more clients to thinking how to serve my clients better. I went from feeling overwhelmed by marketing myself to excited to do it more. He made the work of sharing myself with the world an easy and joyful experience. More specifically, he showed me how to craft my message, he invented a brand new product for me to sell, designed the website, put me in touch with people to help me produce videos content, got my videos posted on the right websites, gave me daily pep talks, helped me write a press release, and pushed me to do hard work that paid off!

  • AJ

    Job: circus stuff
    I enjoyed reading your blogs. Arlo is also very entertaining!

  • Kent Jenkins

    Job: Musician
    Scot Nerys challenge series was the motivational pick-me-up I needed this year. His questions provoked me to dig deep into how I can best move forth with my career in these strange times and feel validated in my decisions thus far. Knowing Scot from his shows work in LA, I knew how passionate he was in curating a vibrant community of entertainers and entrepreneurs, but I was extremely impressed with his diligence to make sure all of us in his sessions received the individual guidance we needed when we shared our feedback. Very grateful for Scot this series!

  • Dennis Forel

    Job: Entertainer Balloon Guy
    Reviewed my act allowing me both an audience perspective of my act and a professional's eye in giving critical feedback for my performance.

  • Krystin Railing

    Job: Entertainer Business Coach
    You motivate and encourage me by helping realize my programs value and my potential as a business coach.

  • Obediah Thomas

    Job: Video Maker
    Reviewed my website and gave insightful tips.

  • John Fitzsimmons

    Job: Magician
    Motivated me to focus on making money. And you inspire me to be a better performer.

  • Scot Nery

    Job: Me
    I helped myself by blogging every day.