Good Graphic Design Doesn’t Have to Look Nice

Graphic design is not just a way of presenting communication. It’s a way of communicating in itself. The tricky thing; when people are looking for a graphic designer, they’re often looking for someone who can make things look good. Great graphic design is about function.

The left coupon is actually good

The coupon on the left looks cheap. If you’re looking for something cheap, you might not even look at the righthand coupon. The coupon on the left does the job. It gets cheap-seekers to see it, read it and clip it. Beauty may be a disservice to TacoXpress in this case. It may cost them customers.

When we work with a graphic designer, we’re looking for solutions. We’re looking for the college kid to clip our taco coupon, or the publisher to read our sample writing, or whatever. We want action. Even reading text or looking at a photo is action. Rad graphic design communicates and leads, just like rad entertainment.

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