Fun is the Result of Clapping

When performing on the street, I realized that I could make people laugh the whole show, but if I made them clap more, I would get more money. 

Some theories on this phenomenon…

  1. people thought if they clapped more they saw better stuff
  2. it was a way of getting feelings engaged in the body
  3. when you support something, you fall in love with it
  4. the cue and response cycle of doing something and getting applause was rewarding

A lot of times entertainers think “they clapped because they had fun” but when I’m in a more helpful mindset, I think, “how can I get them to clap so that they have fun?”

Obviously you don’t want to tell people over and over to clap…

… but there are a million ways to give the crowd signals even when they’re not having fun. 

I think they all kind of apply, but 4th is the strongest reason to work on getting more applause. I want entertainers to be leaders and guide the audience through every show.

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