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I'm getting entertainment pros together for a week of quick lessons in building a brand.

Branding has changed my life.

  1. It's not about colors, logos, or slogans.
  2. It's not about just making a lot of money.
  3. It's not reserved for big corporations.

My brands have been a shortcut to saving me time, energy, and headaches. They make me more money... yes! They give me bigger audiences and get me more fulfilling work. They get past the idea that I need to sell myself to be valued and make an impact.

This may be the only time I do this challenge this year... so enter your name and email below to accept my challenge.

"Thank you!!! So much greatness in the 5 days." - Max

"Now, after 5 days and 5 fuels....I still hate marketing, but I love myself and my product in a way I couldn’t before. I love it because I know what it is now. Before, my show was a burden, now it’s a friend. Before my audience was a responsibility, now they’re an opportunity. Before, creating new work was fraught with tasks to be completed, now it’s a picture to be uncovered." - Dave

"Scot is really great at playful metaphors that help restructure the way your brain thinks about marketing. This challenge rekindled my passion for my work while igniting a focus that will powerfully carry me in moving forward. It’s an empowering whirlwind!" - Hailey

"In five short sessions Scot Nery will help you better understand branding and your message. After listening to Scot you'll probably want to change your message!" - Dennis

"Scot's joy is infectious; it's impossible not to feel motivated after working with him. Every entertainer can benefit from his unique take on the business, and the actionable steps he provides for improvement. Scot's skills as an entertainer are exceeded only by his empathy, which he brings to every client interaction, and I can't recommend working with him highly enough." - Amber

Scot Nery

He's performed around the world on stage and screen for millions. He created TripAdvisor's #1 live show in Los Angeles.

Scot has helped Fortune 500 companies and freelancers with creation, consulting, marketing, and more.

Scot committed to elevating the work of two thousand twenty entertainment pros before the end of 2020 🔥

Scot Nery

Photo By Richard Michael Johnson